Volunteer Health.Pioneers (F/M)

Amsterdam I October 25 2017

Would you like to be a volunteer at Health.Pioneers and meet fascinating people from the startup and corporate world, while learning a ton of new things and getting first-hand experience of how an exclusive and professional tech startup event is run? Health.Pioneers, which takes place on the October 25 in Amsterdam, is the ultimate meeting point for healthtech innovators advancing digital healthcare across Europe and beyond.

About Pioneers

At Pioneers, we inspire, empower and create. Our purpose is to foster growth and innovation with a focus on deep tech. Since 2009, our diverse team has built an ecosystem, creating collaboration opportunities for tech innovators. We bring together startups, corporate executives, public sector innovators, and investors through digital solutions, consultancy services, events and investments to create a prosperous future.

What you should bring

Your responsibilities

Available Roles

Here’s a short description of what each team does, so you can find your perfect role.

Registration and Welcome

If you love working with people or have experience in hospitality, don’t hesitate to apply for this role. Your job will be to register our guests and give them a warm welcome.

Startup Coordination

Do you like to keep up to date with the coolest and most innovative startups from all over the world? Want to take the next step and meet them? Then startup coordination is for you! Take care of our Pioneers500 winners and make them feel like the champions they are.

Speakers & Concierge Service

Are you always one step ahead when it comes to the needs of others? Are you a non-stop smiler? Welcome our VIP guests at the airport, then take such excellent care of them at the event that they never want to leave.

Audio Visual Support

Know your way around tech and want to know the secret behind the production of Pioneers Festival? Here’s where you can help prepare the speakers for their big show and support our productions agency in all matters in order to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Networking Support

If, like Pioneers, you love connecting people, then this is where you’ll feel at home. Help our invited guests discuss their mad ideas with each other in our exclusive meeting rooms.

Media Lounge & Interview Coordination

This is where all the journalists will hang out. If you’re a genius when it comes to time-management and you love your media, then this might be the role for you. Help everyone find their spots and slots for interviews.

Information and Hospitality

Love telling others where to go and what to do? Be our know-it-all throughout the Festival, helping out our guests with information, advice and lots of smiles!


Help wherever help is needed. You might end up running around all day, or you might find yourself listening to talks and relaxing in lounges. It’s a gamble, but it’s guaranteed to be fun either way.

Productions Assistant

Support our productions agency on side for interviews and takes for our aftermovie.

What we offer

A welcoming work environment with a dynamic, highly motivated and international team. Pioneers is a well-known brand with a huge network in the startup area. You’ll get insights in how to set up an event as well as the chance to network with leading corporates and startups in the health area.

Sounds good?

We would love to hear from you! Please send a motivational paragraph and CV to volunteer@pioneers.io. More information about the event can be found at https://pioneers.io/events/health-pioneers